Reorienting a map, in the Compile section

When preparing for printing, in Compile, how do I change settings so that a map (which is landscape mode) retains this mode, but prints at 90 degrees to the rest of the book (i.e. a reader would have to turn the book sideways to read the map)?

You have to flip it so in an external graphic design editor.
You can also flip it (if that’s all you need – no editing) straight from windows file explorer :
2023-09-21 13_56_08

Once your image is properly oriented, use this new version in your project.

There might be a way to code it in using Pandoc or something else, this I don’t know.
But in a straight forward fashion, unless I am mistaken (I doubt it in this case), Scrivener doesn’t handle things like that.

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Thanks so much!
Your suggestion of flipping in file explorer worked perfectly - all I had to do after flipping was resizing it, which was easy.
This has saved me a lot of time (and frustration) - thanks again.