Repeated crashes during rebuilding search index

I’m working on an iMac running OSX 10.9.5

This morning I was working on a new project and importing a series of Web URLs into the Binder (via drag and drop). Some of the URLs were causing Scrivener to crash repeatedly. I checked my Quicktime and it seemed to be working fine.

After one of the crashes, I clicked to reopen Scrivener and got to the dialogue box that told me that it was ‘Rebuilding Search Indexes’. It ran through various Index numbers, but when it reached No. 28, it crashed again. Since then, I haven’t been able to open the project, as it always crashes at this same point, as its rebuilding index No. 28.

Is there anything I can do to save this project. I has several days work in it (and it doesn’t seem to have backed up to DropBox, or Time Machine, which is another mystery).

Many thanks in advance for anybody’s help,


Yeah, that can happen. The web engine we have available is roughly the same as the one in Safari, but in my experience it is a bit more fragile, and if it encounters a page it can’t handle (often Flash related—if you can uninstall Flash that may help), it will crash and bring down Scrivener with it.

Fortunately it’s easy enough to get a bad file out of your project. Right-click on the main project file again and select Show Package Contents. This will pop open a new Finder window. Using that navigate into the Files folder, and then the Docs folder. This folder here is where all of the data for your project is stored. You’ll probably find some RTF files, some text files, and your picture and web archive files. The latter are the ones you want to focus on. Note how everything is numbered. This is roughly in the same order you imported things. So start at the end of the list since you know it was one of the latter things you imported that crashed the program. Use Quick Look (spacebar) to examine the webarchive files. If any one of those crashes Finder, then you’ve found the culprit. Once Finder comes back up, go back to that same spot and move that file to the Trash icon in the Dock.

Now try reloading this project in Scrivener. It shouldn’t crash, but you’ll find empty spots where these files used to be. It is safe to remove them from the Binder.