Repeated Crashes

Hi, hoping someone might have a suggestion to help…

I downloaded the Windows beta yesterday and it was working fine. Today, it’s crashing every few minutes, basically every time I type something and try to save it. I’m in Windows 7.

Anything I can or should to stop this from happening?


Hi Stacey,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles! It’s certainly unusual. Have you installed any other programs or run any updates since you downloaded the beta? Restarted the computer at all? Is there another program or service running in the background today that you didn’t have yesterday?

Sorry none of that is immediately helpful; I’ll need to poke into this one further, as I haven’t seen anything like it. I assume you’re not having any other trouble with your computer or other programs?

Hi Jennifer!
I don’t think I’ve got anything different going on today. I have my browser open (Firefox) and Word and that’s it. I did turn my computer off last night and I think it did have some sort of update (my Windows updates automatically at shut down).

Of course, though Scrivener crashed three times this morning, it hasn’t crashed again since I posted here. Just like taking a car in, lol. It never makes the weird noise when you bring it in to the mechanic! :slight_smile:


Ha, oh, I love how things break so inopportunely. Still, all this crashing that you’re getting is not good, so I’d like to get to the root of it. If you can come up with anything specific you’re doing while working that’s consistently crashing, please let me know. One I know of that recently came up is that if you’re working in the synopsis area of the inspector and try to create a new document or folder while your cursor is still in the synopsis, Scrivener will crash. That may not be what’s happening to you, but if you do notice any particular sequence that seems to be regularly crashing, that would be a great help.

Also, is this happening only in one project or with any work you’re doing? (Obviously you may only have one project going so you wouldn’t necessarily notice, but if you have time to play around with it, it’d be great to know if it might be something project-specific that’s throwing an error.)

Final questions, are you on Win7 32bit or 64bit and are you working in an administrator account?


Oh! I was working in the synopsis area (the notecard section to the right, you mean, right? Still learning the program!) and that is exactly what I was doing, creating new documents. I bet that’s it. Okay, so if I’m writing in the synopsis area, I need to make sure my cursor is on something else before trying to create a new text doc/folder.

But just in case, I am Windows 7 64. And I don’t think I have an administrator account. (Sorry,I should probably know that for sure, but I’m still a little lost sometimes when it comes to dealing with more than basic Word docs. :slight_smile: )

Yes, that is exactly the area I mean. This bug must’ve crept in with some changes made to the text area there in this last beta; a few people just reported it in the last couple days. Lee’s aware of it so it should be fixed for the next beta, but in the meantime just moving the focus out of the note card before you add a new document will prevent the crash. Just hitting tab when you’ve finished typing in there will move the focus to the next area, or of course you can click somewhere else with the mouse, whatever’s easiest.

Thanks for the info on the computer. You can check your account status by going to the Start menu, selecting Control Panel, and then clicking into the User Accounts area until you get to the “Make changes to your user account” page: it will show your username on the right and will tell you if it’s an administrator account and whether it’s password protected.

Thank you for the help! I will make sure the cursor is moved away from the synopsis area and hopefully that’ll take care of the problem. :slight_smile:

And yes, I do have an Administrator account. Thanks for showing me how to check.

Also, random question (because I’m still learning a lot of this kind of thing and I’m always trying to plan ahead!), when the Beta expires and I want to buy the final, finished version, will I have to uninstall the Beta first? I know that’s probably a pretty basic question–another one I should probably already know the answer to!–but I’m just trying to make sure I know what to do when the time comes. Am really, really liking Scrivener and want to make sure I don’t lose access to it for long!

Thanks again for all of your help!!! :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, you can use the Help>Check for Updates option from within the program to update Scrivener to the next version (either the next beta or the official release and then all the 1.x releases following). If that’s not the case for some reason, we’ll be sure to announce it along with the post with the link to the .exe download, and whether you need to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. At this point I think Lee’s finished with the changes in the installer that would make that necessary, but while things are still developing I’ll keep things open and say it’s a possibility.

Regardless of how the installation works, it shouldn’t affect any of your projects, as they’re stored somewhere else on your drive (your Documents folder by default, though you may have chosen a different location). Updating from within the program next time also should not affect your preference settings, although I still recommend backing them up by going into Edit>Options and choosing “Save Preferences” from the “Manage…” drop-down menu at the bottom. If you change your settings, reset defaults, etc. and need to load your old settings again, you can choose “Load Preferences” from the same menu to select the file you saved and reload that. At present your personal word list is also saved as part of the preferences, (“learned spelling” on any words the dictionary didn’t recognize) so you’ll be able to restore that as well.

Thanks also for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying Scrivener (despite the unfortunate series of crashes!). Feel free to ask any other questions. You also might want to check out the Interactive Tutorial from the Help menu if you haven’t already; that creates a project that walks you through the interface and basically gives you a quick tour of how Scrivener works. It’s still in beta too (so it may have a couple references that still aren’t right for the Windows version) but overall it should provide a good grounding for working in Scrivener.

Windows 7 should be running by default, AFAIK.

Out of curiosity, are you current on all patches? Even stuff you think you might not need like directx?

Just confirming the exact same crash on Vista. Cursor in a synopsis card, select New document or Ctrl-N, immediate full program crash.

Vista 32 bit
Fully updated, fully patched
Scrivener Beta 24

Using the steps above I can also replicate this crash.

Thanks all. I have it written up with steps to reproduce for Lee, so he’s getting to it, should be fixed for the next beta.