Replace Bullets formating for synching with IOS


I am using the windows version and wanted to copy some projects to the IOS version, but I ran into troubles. The IOS-windows told me, that I had to convert the project from a newer scrivener version. But I am using 1.9.9.

Later I found out, that IOS will not work with bullets and frames. So I deleted the frames, but I have hundreds of bullets.

Is there an easy way to find and replace the bullet formatting with e.g. “xx”. I can’t copy the bullet to paste it into the search field. And with a copy of the chartable of the bullet, it didn’t work…

Thanks in advance


Hi dl1sdz,

iOS Scriv supports bullets.

Could you please upload screenshots to show us what the error/problem is.



the problem is partly solved.
In this case, I used Scrivener as an organising tool for several years with more than 2000 pages. I had no problems converting my other projects to IOS. After I deleted the tables, the project was still refused - asking for an updated version of Scrivener.
I managed to copy and past the bullets from former years with the global project replace function and convert them to “**”. But at one point the bullets were still visible. (See my primary question.)
After your hint that bullets could be used, I copied the project with the “new”? bullets to IOS and it worked. Now I have a mix of stars and bullets, but that’s only a visual problem.

Thanks for your hint.