Replacement Macros not working on windows

I compiled my first book on Scrivener for mac and everything worked beautifully. If I try to compile on windows, several of my replacement macros aren’t recognized. Here are the examples:

  • <$Author> is not replaced with my name as it is in Macos version
  • I created a custom field, but <$custom:fieldname> is not properly replaced
  • <$img:filename> sometimes is properly replaced, sometimes not
  • <$img:filename> not honoring width and height when it is replaced
  • Table of contents not calculating page numbers properly. Every chapter starts on the same page number (in my case 7)

Also, Paperback (6x9) is not formatting margin and gutter during compile. margin on both sides of each page are identical.

Finally, Page numbers are not added to pages during compile as they are in Macos.

I don’t know if you want bug reports like this, but I thought I’d try to help out a fellow developer.