Replacing letters with other characters?

Hi there, first time I’ve used this forum.
I have Scrivener on my windows 11 desktop and Scrivener with an unknown version number on my iPad Pro.
Projects sync to dropbox, and that’s fine. The issue is that it seems to have started replacing th- words with what looks like a lower case L, so words such as the and that and they are coming out as le and lat and ley.
I haven’t got any hair to tear out, has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you fix it please?
Many thanks

OK, updated to the latest version and it seems OK so far. Free upgrade too so happy days!

If you have just updated, it will be worth your while to go through the Tutorial, as there are significant differences between Scrivener 1.x and Scrivener 3, particularly the inclusion of Styles and a revamped Compile process. And the Options are now in the File menu!

Glad it’s sorted your problem, though.


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Thanks, will do.