Replacing straight quotes with curly quotes during Compiling

I use ProWriting Aid to edit my drafts. But when I make changes, curly quotes are rendered as staright quotes. I got tired of hunting for such changes and overlooking some, so in my latest project, I used only stright quotes, thinking I could easily change them to curly quotes in one go during Compiling. But now I look, I don’t see that feature. Is there a way to do this, or was I mistaken?
I’m using Scrivener 3.

You can load your manuscript in scrivenings before compiling and replace straight quotes with curly quotes by using:

Edit > Transformations > Convert Quotes to Smart Quotes

Only smart to dumb punctuation (rather than dumb to smart punctuation) appears to be possible during compile.

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JoRo–I tested it out and it worked fine. Thanks so much.

Good news. An absolute pleasure.

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