Replicants: the ability to file a document in several places

You could create a blank document where in the binder you’d otherwise have placed the replicant.
Name it “Yourdocument_replicant” or something like that.
Add the document you wish be replicated in this new document’s document bookmarks :

You’ll then be able to read, and even edit, the adaptative original document from within that new dummy/replicant document.

I deleted from the bookmark’s mirror file (on the right - bottom section) :

You can see there is one “test” that was removed from the original file as well (Left editor).

And now I add to the original file directly :

And I go back to my replicant document:

It reflects in the “replicant” document.

Ultimately, if that is something you want carried through compile, then use a placeholder like above explained.
Just put it as the sole content of the “replicant’s” body text.