Repositioning files in the Binder

My novel is divided into Parts (folders), Chapters and scenes. I want to move a Part to a new position, but when I reposition it, it jumps to the bottom of the scenes in an associated chapter. How can I get it to stay in the position in the Binder I want?

It sounds like you’re accidentally dropping it inside the chapter. You can use the Edit → Move menu to indent/outdent in the outline or move it up and down to fix drops that are almost but not quite in the right place. You can also use the Documents → Move To command to identify your drop target a little more precisely.

If neither of those suggestions helps, could you post a screenshot? I’ll check your trust settings to make sure you can.


I wrote an article on the Scrivener blog about how to move files and folders in the Binder. I list five different way to do so.


I really appreciate that article. It doesn’t address the issue, though. Moving a folder to the left drops it all the way down to the bottom of the binder, no matter which method I use.

–Part One
– – Chapter One
– – Chapter Two
– --Part Two << folder I want to dedent. Moving it to the left sends it all the way down there, under chap 4
– – Chapter Three
– – Chapter Four

Yes, that’s the expected behavior. Moving it to the left makes it the next item at the same indent level as Part 1.

If Chapters 3 and 4 should be children of Part 2, then you have two choices. You can nest them under Part 2 now, then de-dent all three of them. Or you can de-dent Part 2, then drag Chapters 3 and 4 into it.

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Ok, thanks! That worked.

Before kewms replid a second time, I further experimented and found that putting just one child scene into a folder or new chapter will then enable me to position it where I want, and then it’s an easy matter to add further child scenes as I continue to work.