Ever been out and about and realised that your protagonist can’t wear long trousers in chapter 7 because they would chafe the knife wound he received in chapter 5? Of course you have. Once upon a time you would have whipped out your Moleskine and jotted something down with a nub end of a pencil. Not anymore. I’ve discovered this wonderful FREE service that you can ring and leave a message on. It then emails you with a transcript of your message as well as a sound file so you can make the change back at the computer.

Check it out. How they make money I’m not sure, there seems to be no advertising involved.

A great concept, but I noticed its Patent Pending, so, could it be they intend to license it out to others wholl charge for the service.
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Being a cynical consummate skeptic I always doubt the value of such services. Especially when i look at the phone jabbing an antenna in my side, the PDA next to it, and the non-iPod mp3 player/voice recorder next to the PDA.

As for the $$ factor we use something like it here at work. It is one of the single most frustrating things we have implemented lately. My inbox is not full of wav files of all my voicemail AND a not so accurate text representation of those same files. I would guess that major corps are already licensing the technology.

Jott is another popular such service.

Jott is only available in north America whereas Reqall is also available in the UK.


Very good to know! I hadn’t realized that Jott was limited to the States (living the States as I do).