Request Add Help Dropdown on Landing Page

This is an enhancement request: please put the HELP drop-down on the “Getting Started and project template selection window.”

When Scrivener is started without a project open the landing page is the “Getting Started and project template selection window.” That does not have the HELP drop-down, which is present only after opening a project. I frequently start Scrivener to do something routine such as check for updates or go to forums or something else I do not need an open project for. But in order to do that I have to open a project, then close all projects when I exit. (My content is on a cloud.) This is an annoyance not a bug, but making this enhancement would be greatly appreciated.

That is indeed a blind spot that I wish we had a better solution for. I’m not sure about putting a menu bar on that window frame, but some way of providing the functions in the Help menu would be nice. The important ones for getting started are all there of course, and if you have automatic updating checking enabled in options that should be happening without a manual request, but being able to check the version of the software and other such things would be nice without having to load a project.

Thank you.
I see that you see the problem. So we will see what you find.