Request: Background Color or Special Image

Hi there,

First off, I like how Scrivener works overall and am looking forward to its eventual release. It’s much nicer to write stories now than in other word processors I’ve tried. That said, I’ve looked around the program for a specific option and can’t find what I’m looking for, so I’d like to make a request here:

Having a white background on black text is hard on the eyes. At least for me it is. I know I can change the color for the text (and highlight) but I cannot change the background. I’d love to be able to put in more mellow tones for the background (greys, sepia), or even a user-inputted background graphic - eg, the cover image of the book, or custom-made page designs in themes of the book I’m writing.

I know the custom pages won’t make it to published form, but I feel it would be a nice way to stir inspiration while writing.

Thank you for your time!

The options you are looking for are in the Edit/Options... tool. Click on the “Appearance” tab, and you’ll see a tree navigator in the middle for setting a huge variety of colours in the application. You basically want Editor->Page and maybe Editor-Text, too. It’s better to use this setting to adjust the text colour, rather than actually setting the font colour. This setting only makes the text appear as though it is a different colour, without changing the underlying formatting of your document.

Anyway, you’ll find a lot of options there. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Application bug: Note that at the moment, the “Apply” button doesn’t always update settings. So you’ll need to use the OK button to confirm a colour change; and cycle back around to the Options window again to tweak it. This is a known issue.

!! I was looking RIGHT at it; I had checked that area 3x’s before I posted just to make sure I wasn’t over-looking anything. I think I need to practice my mindfulness. I’ve now got it set to a soft sage color - my eyes are very happy. Thank you much, AmberV!

To the dev(s): I’d still love to request the background image option, although I’m grateful there was a color change option available.

Thank you for your time.^^

I hate to revive such an old thread, but could not find the answer elsewhere, so:

Is it possible to use a background image in full-screen mode in the new beta (3.5)?

No, currently all that’s possible is to adjust the colors for the background and the page in full screen; backdrop images and textures won’t be until after 1.0.