Request: Corkboard

Do you have any intention of releasing a simplified Scrivener, or just a Corkboard (that beautiful mock-up is, well, just beautiful). A simple outliner/notetaking/writing tool that switches to full-screen mode may be?

Like a combination of Scrivener Lite, Corkboard, and BlockWriter?

Thanks for all the efforts.


PS. I really think BlockWriter needs all the publicity as it is way better in terms of functionality and looks when compared to another full-screen writer that is getting all the attention these days.

I would just say: wait for Scrivener 1.0. :slight_smile: It is a very different beast to Scrivener Gold, and it may just be what you are looking for… End of the summer, fingers crossed…

Looking forward to it!

Corkboards, Blockwriters … I don’t want to spoil the party, but to be honest I rather like Scrivener Gold as it is, including its layout and its interface …

But Scrivener 1.0 will be “a very different beast”, in the words of its maker. Well, so be it … But I hope it will have at least all the functionality of Scrivener Gold …

Ditto. All the functionality plus a great UI would do the ticket for me. Of course I and probably others are a little nervous that the new version will drop something we’ve come to love! :slight_smile: (especially having just found this great program!)