Request for equation support

I use Scapple for math notes. All my notes are web based and use MathJax. To get them into Scapple I currently use This is ok, but a bit awkward. Adding Latex support to Scapple would be a very welcome addition.

I can’t speak for Keith, but I suspect that he would say that a full-fledged LaTeX parser is out of scope for Scapple. (Scrivener doesn’t even have one.)

However, you might look at something like MathType as a Mac-based, rather than web-based alternative.


Fair enough. Thanks for the suggestion, I was unaware of MathType.

A warning: MathType currently doesn’t run under Catalina (existing versions are 32 bit), and its new developer Wiris hasn’t announced a release date for a 64 bit version. Its old competitor MathMagic has no plans for going to 64 bit. The standard (free) LaTeX installation for the Mac, MacTeX, contains an equation editor LaTeXiT, which should work well with Scapple, but it needs the rest of the installation to run, you need to learn some LaTeX codes to make it work, and I haven’t had time to test it yet.