Request for flash fiction template

I’d like a template for flash fiction. Yes, I know I can use the short story one, but I’d prefer one specifically for flash fiction. I :open_mouth: :open_mouth: s that possible?

You’re better off starting a new topic about this, as it’s not really about the text styling system. Be specific about what you need a template to do that the short story template doesn’t, and you’ll likely get some good advice. But starting a new discussion thread is your best bet. Preferably, start the discussion in the Technical Support (Mac) sub-forum.

Moderator Note: split to new thread—this had nothing to do with how styles work in Scrivener.

(Otherwise, I have nothing to add over the previous response. I have no idea what a flash fiction project would need that Blank doesn’t provide, or Short Story for that matter. To me it seems like a very simple premise. Hopefully someone has a better idea though. I use to write 500/250 word stories, it’s a great exercise. I’d just press Cmd-N to make a new file every day and start a new one though, don’t really a template.)