Request for help from Scrivener staff

I am glad there is an easy soln to this part of the weirdness!

The command & menu item do toggle – hitting that key command / menu item repeatedly would alternately check and uncheck this option. (This explains why searching for ‘unlock’ in the Help Search did not reveal the menu item, b/c is always says ‘lock’.)

The Lock in Place toggle also appears on a contexual menu in the interface: Command-click on the title/header bar at the top of the editor pane.* The resulting contextual menu has the Lock in Place menu item on it.

Hope the solution to the other mysteries with that project are as easily and happily resolved!

NiaD is the nickname for an annual “Novel-in-a-Day” writing event wherein “a group of writers from across the planet get together and write a novel – a whole novel, in a single day.” It is hosted here on the Scrivener forums. Participating is super-fun and I recommend it highly! You can read a write up by the organizer. You can also check out the books that have been written this way. NiaD 2017 will take place later this month and signup is happening now – if interested, you can signup over at this forum thread. Here is a link to the general NiaD subforum here.


  • You might have to control-click right on the document icon in the Editor’s header bar (not just anywhere on the header bar) to get the contextual menu.