Request - Outliner Improvement

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021


I’d like to make a request for improvement to the outliner that would take one of two forms.

(A) The simpler case - Add a “Pages” column that would show the number of pages using the currently-configured “Pages” variable from the “Project Stats” dialog. That way, when you’re looking in the outliner mode, you can see the estimated pages, along with the word count. (I understand fully how page size and yada yada yada can affect page count-- but if it’s good enough for the Project Stats dialog, how come it’s not good enough for the Outliner view??)

(B) The more complicated case - Add a generic “Computed” column type that would permit people to create customized columns using some combination of the various document variables. Then the estimate page count above, could simply be an example of the computed column.