Request: Reveal in Binder pop-up menu

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “Reveal in Binder” command showed up when you right-clicked (control-clicked) on a text document? It really helps us who don’t use the program every day, and can’t remember command-keys, which menu it might be under, or even the name of that command. And for naïve users, well some of us never figure out the menu structure for many programs, and live by the adage “right-click or die”.

In an editor window (cork board, outline, or scrivenings views), click on an index card, outline item, or text in an editing window and then click on the icon in the header. Reveal in Binder is right there for you to use, along with a few other useful items that would clutter up the contextual (right-click) menu.

Cool, thanks. I still think contextual menus are a great way to find one’s way around in a program, but that solves my problem with limited (and declining) memory :wink: