Request to add "writing history" info to Scrivener for iOS

I love the feature in Scrivener 3 (Windows) where I can see my writing history & get a total word count for the day.

Would be great to have this added to the iOS version as well. I keep track of daily word counts, which is easy on my laptop, but I’ll be writing on the go a lot more come January, which means using my iPad more.

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Hello! I write sometimes on my Windows laptop (in Scrivener 3) and sometimes on my iPad (Scrivener iOS). I’d love to be able to sync my words written across all devices and platforms, so that when I check on my main computer, I “get credit” for the words I wrote on my other device.

I know it’s probably super challenging to do that between two different platforms. I’m grateful for the Dropbox sync so I can work on the same file on multiple machines/platforms–but I’d love to get an accurate word count history for the file, rather than just for the device, if that’s possible!

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Are you quite sure Scrivener’s word count is per Device and not per Project? I wouldn’t know why Scrivener doesn’t sync that metadata…

Last time I tried it any writing on my iPad did NOT get accounted for on my Mac as progress on my writing history. Indeed I recall posting about such here at the time.


Yes. I keep my Scrivener projects in Dropbox so they sync across devices. When I write in a project on the iPad, that word count does not appear in “Project>Writing History” when I open the same project on my Windows device.

Currently, the Scrivener project I have open on my desktop says there are 6335 words in the draft. However, there are 10,005 words in the draft; I wrote the balance in Scrivener for iOS (same project, same file, different device) and Scrivener for Windows does not account for the iOS words even when present in the document. It seems it only counts words that were written on that device, which is very frustrating.

I wrote yesterday, for example, on 4/17. 232 words in Scrivener for iOS. But in the “Project>Writing History” of the same file when I open it in Scrivener for Windows, 17 April doesn’t show up as a writing day because I didn’t write in the Windows version–even though it’s the same project/file.

So sadly, yes–I’m sure! I’d love to see this fixed. It’s so maddening to not be able to keep an accurate writing history if you use more than one platform.

Yup, same. I wrote a longer reply to AntoniDol but yes–I have the same project synced via Dropbox on my Windows PC and on my iPad, and the Windows version of the program does NOT import writing history statistics from when I’ve worked on the iPad. It sucks. T_T

Just adding here to clarify: When I open “project targets” in Scrivener, it gives an accurate total word count. The issue isn’t with syncing the word count; it’s just the “writing history” that doesn’t sync. iOS doesn’t have a “writing history” feature, and the writing history in my windows program doesn’t account for words/dates written on the iOS platform.

Would like to see specifically the “writing history” data sync across platforms. Would be nice eventually to have an iteration where the “writing history” window shows you the date written, the # of words, and the platform they were written on.