requester box when closing instead of automatic save

I was showing a fellow writer how your program worked and reshuffled all my index cards, figuring I could just undo a few times to get back to the original order.
but the UNDO feature-- when in index card mode-- was “greyed out”

Will this feature be available in future betas or does one have to reshuffle the cards back to their original position one by one manually?

More importantly, I then tried closing without saving, but apparently, the program saves automatically without asking.
It would be very helpful if a requester box came up to ask if one wanted to save before closing instead of the program auto-saving. When I’m learning a program I like to try all kind of things that I may not necessarily want to keep


You can change the interval time that Scrivener saves your work. Go to Edit, Options, General tab and make your changes.

Hope this helps you a little.

Auto-save is a pretty fundamental principle behind Scrivener, and you can’t escape it. You can increase the interval as posted above, but when you close the project it will still run one last save, always. The best way to experiment is to approach the program from that philosophy. If you want to fork a project to test an idea or show off some features without hurting anything, use the File/Save As... command to create an identical copy and switch to working in the new copy.

For less dramatic tests, you can just use Documents/Duplicate to spawn off copies of folders that you can play with, while leaving the originals alone. Just think of the Scrivener interface as persistently saved, and work around that, rather than trying to treat it like a single-document program that doesn’t save anything for hours on end because you forgot to save. :slight_smile:

The single-document method doesn’t really work well with a program like Scrivener, that uses hundreds and hundreds of files at once. It would require a lot of RAM, and be sluggish whenever you saved.