Requisite '09 failed resolutions + '10 goals

In a spirit of marginal seriousness I figured I would start the “didn’t do that but I will do this” for the '09 to '10 transition. So here goes…

In '09 I did not accomplish:
• Getting to 190lb (13.6 stone, 86kg)
• Get my one “novel” finished
• Finish the remodel of the upper story

In '10 I will
• Get down to 195lb (more realistic given some life changes)
• Keep working on the “novel”
• Finish the upper floor.
• Get the daughditor to at least one grand slam.
• Help the boy find some auditions and encourage him to try out for a professional production.
• Have the house in “sellable” condition.

Your turn.

In 09 I planned on fixing up the place. Instead I…
Quit my last job with 24 hours notice.
Gave my last job to a person who really needed it.
We moved at a moments notice.
Gave our home to a family member who really, really needed it.
Got a much better job without asking or applying.
Moved into a better place that I didn’t even have to shop around for.
Wrote less than I wanted to with everything going on.
Realized God really does work in mysterious ways and I am thankful.
Spent money on stuff for new house.
Made wife much happier

SO in 2010 I plan on
keeping up the idea that a generous heart with love can solve more problems than a demanding one.

Finally upgrading to Leopard this weekend!

(1) Be efficient about marking student assessments.
(2) Be firmer with people about how much I can really take on.
(3) Answer emails promptly, rather than forgetting them.
(4) Get all the lighting in this flat sorted out.
(5) Get to grips with “Things” so as to become more organised and less reliant on my memory.
(6) Finish that darned paper/book whatever it turns out to be!

Immediate goals
(1) Sort out my email archiving system on Maxime and Minime and harmonise them.
(2) Do a total re-install of SL on Maxime.
(3) Do a total re-install of SL on Minime.

I met some of the students of a good friend last weekend. One of them asked me, “What are your dreams?” The only answer I could give him was, “I’m too old to have dreams!” Very sad but true.

I achieved this! Unfortunately, as I started the year at 12 stone, it wasn’t exactly an “accomplishment”. So for 2010:

• Lose those extra pounds and get back to 12-12.5 stone.
• (As part of the above) drink less.
• Finish The Bloody Novel.
• (Re)start The Bloody Novel.
• Get 2.0 out!
• Spend more time away from the computer and with the kids (probably inevitable with number 3 due this month though).
• Be nicer/more patient etc (this is a carry-over every year though).

Happy New Year!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thought you’d like that one!

When will you start 3.0? I have a list of feature requests that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.



Seems from what he said he got to work on No 3 several months ago!


I like all of these resolutions, btw. Keith, you’ve not been too grumpy with me save for a few times, so no worries on the last one. Just so you know, I especially like resolution #5, not that I don’t love the present version of Scr. I’m using, just that I’m curious and want something new to play with. #3 sounds just right and I can definitely relate!

My resolutions include:

-recommitting to being part of the Scr. forum again–I’ve not posted in a long while and miss all you guys!
-getting my health back–I’ve had TWO rounds of the freaking flu, first was Swine, this time??? I hate being sick and feel like my body has been trashed. This involves
-recommitting to my yoga practice, which kept me healthy and strong–it’s been really hard to keep it going since I moved (to Ashland Oregon)
-getting back to a healthier diet [that does not include choc. chip cookies, but does include some of that truly delicious American bread (readily available whenever and wherever I want it…)]
-getting my book finished asap
-figuring out how to make a living with a trashed economy while I wait for my book to be finished and then, hopefully published!
-playing with my beautiful little filly (purchased four months ago when I moved down here. If I had my way, I would do nothing else)–see why here…

Happy New Year!


OK, if my fave former portlander can weigh in, I will too.

  1. FINISH THE !@#$%^&* BOOK!!

that is all.
PS I heartily endorse the resuming yoga resolution. I’ve been sick with colds twice in the past few months, both after extended travel without yoga. Of course, it could be related to flying in airplanes, but yoga is essential for my well being.

welcome back, alexandria! and congrats on your pretty filly. hope to see you in ashland next summmer.

Possessed of nothing that remotely resembles a flaw, fault or imperfection (at least of any consequence), I don`t think it would be detrimental to my overall well being, were I to become a tad more decisive.

Having quite recently purchased two bottles of expensive designer shower gel (special offer, a quid a bottle), I`ve just spent 10 minutes in the shower, reading the blurb on the back of the bottles, trying to decide which one to use.

Dark Temptation:…Instinct:
Provoke irresistable attraction…Instinct, a truly masculine Shower Gel.
Dark Temptation is a seductive…Unleash your animal magnetism and
and magnetic scent. Indulge…evoke your primal instinct with the
your fantasies!..scent of rare leathers!

A Happy and Successful New Year to all!

Ah, the Lynx double-pack with a bottle of deodorant thrown in, perhaps? I know it well!

Wrong again Grump! Two separate bottles, a quid each. No deodorant. Had to buy that separately: Two for One!! All the same! How`s a bloke to decide, betwixt that lot? Eh?!

Ah, you see, there’s the problem. If you had bought the three-pack (two bottles of shower gel, one deodorant), then it’s easy: you use the one that matches the deodorant first, for a co-ordinated body odour.

Just a thought for you Mr. K. If you weren’t so antagonistic maybe he wouldn’t be so grumpy?

Again, I have to agree, brett (on both counts, a welcome return alexandria).

As regards vic’s shower-gel paralysis of choice, I favour the suggestion of a friend who’d like one of the liquid-soap corporates to produce a fragrance based around creosote, with overtones of engine oil or horse. Name? He suggests “Ambush”. Wouldn’t you like the sweet smell of creosote in the morning, vic? I must say I miss it since it was banned from these shores.

A happy 2010 to all.

Ahh! My Lady Alexandria. How remiss of me! Welcome back. But! Since youre never far from my thoughts, its as if you`re never away.

Actually…I love the smell of creosote, truly. :slight_smile:

I dont do, 'Co-ordinated'...Im different…I do, 'Confusion’ I mix `em! :smiling_imp:

:open_mouth: WOT!! Youngn! Shame on you! What planet do you live on? I havent got an antagonistic bone in my body. Youre you mixing me up with Druid, arent y? Never mind, I forgive y :wink:
A Happy New Year to you.