Research crashing?[ADDRESSED]

I looked and didn’t see anyone else posting about this… :confused:

Last night I coped an article about plot structure off the internet (it was 2,900 words long) and stuck it in the Research section, and then went to bed. :wink: This morning, when I tried to go on it, it crashed Scrivener. (It crashed both when I clicked on “Research” and when I clicked on the ‘new text’ section I’d made for it.) I thought it might be a bug, so I tried opening several different projects and testing to see if all of them were crashing or if it was just the content from that one webpage, or what. When I typed a short sentence into a new text on the research section, closed Scrivener, reopened, it worked. I copied a short amount of text, it still worked. I copied something that was about 1,500 words, it worked. I copied something that was about 1,000 words but had a lot of formatting (it was a page from a discussion thread on here) and it crashed it when I closed it off and tried to reopen it. I copied nearly 9,000 words from a novel of mine, and it worked. So I’m pretty sure it’s the formatting, not the length? And now I can’t use the research section at all on any project it crashed on cause it crashes when I click it. >.> I can’t even delete the new text sections that are crashing it, because it crashes when I right click them too.

Scrivener was working almost perfectly before now, too. :frowning:

Alright, open up your .scriv folder for the project that is freezing when you touch the Research folder. You want to then open Files and then Docs.

Scrivener works by numbering information as you put it in, if it really was the last thing you created it should be the highest number. It is going to be a Rich Text Document. You can copy it into another folder, and then delete it out of that Scrivener project file.

When you re-open, try going back into Research. If it was really that file causing the freeze up you should now be running okay.

I have read a few posts where a bad file imported into Research has caused it to freeze, and removing the questionable file has fixed the problem.