Research Folder - Questions

Ok so In the tutorial file it says that I can Drag and Drop images from websites directly into the research folder. But whenever I try that it just creates and untitled document in the research folder. With no photo in flash cards or anything. Now I tried reading your known bugs and searching your forum but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. I’ve even upgraded to Beta 1.5 and it still just makes a untitled document in the research folder. I dont know if its a bug or if im doing something wrong. Maybe I need a certain google chrome plug-in… i just dont know. (Just trying to get photos ie .jpeg ) Also I just tried using firefox and it worked. So I guess it doesnt work with chrome.

Im using Google Chrome as my web browser and Windows Vista 64.

Me too. Chrome, Vista32. Scrivener 1.0.3

Can’t drag photo from web page. However, I can drag from .jpg on my hard drive.
Not sure how many photos per card are intended, but there seems to be no positioning or individual deletion (for multiple photos on a single card) and imported size is gigantic.

Scrivener hangs for a long time, even if the image is small.

Tried with IE and Chrome, problem persists.
Has anyone successfully dragged a web page or webimage into the Research folder?

I just tried using the NaNoWriMo Scrivener trial, version 0.0.46. I’m using Firefox.

I was able to drag and drop an image from a web page into the Research file. No problems, the image is now in my Research folder.

I did a drag and drop for a web page, but very little came through. Just unformatted words from the web page.

I then tried File --> Import --> Web Page, and from the “Import As” drop down menu (at the bottom of the dialog box) I selected “Dynamic Web (embedded browser)” and I was able to import the entire web page, all text and images with the links active, just as it appears in my browser.