Research Icon

Hello all,

I have a low order problem in that I like the research icon and would like to use it more than once for my projects. For instance, I have primary and secondary research folders and sometimes within those folders, divisions by topic or period. (I am a historian by trade.) However, as far as I can tell the research icon, the open book, can only be used once. It does not replicate itself and is not in the change icon set. I would like to be able to use it to help with the visual flow and recognition. Any help would be appreciated! Vivian

I think you can do this…

In the Finder, go to Applications and right-click on the Scrivener app: choose Show Package Contents.

Drill down till you find the Research folder. In there you’ll find BinderResearch.tiff.

Option-drag (so it copies NOT moves) the file to your Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Icons folder (you may have to make your Library folder visible[1] andyou may have to create the Icons folder…).

It will now be available under the Manage Icons… item on the select Icons right-click menu.

Sorry, don’t have time for more detailed instructions as I have to walk the dog… Let me know if you have any problems!

[1] Different ways to do this depending on your version of OSX/macOS… I think shift-clicking on the Finder Go menu makes it temporarily visible in all versions if it’s not already.

Hey a similar problem I found this site helpful for icons:

Step 1- Go to website:

Step 2- Click and save image to a folder you created on desktop “Icon Folder”

Step 3- Go into Scrivener and right click on any icon while right clicking go into manage icons

Step 4- Go to the + sign in Icons in application support and add the file

Step 5- Then go back and right click on the Icon and the file will be there, remember the file has to end