Research - linking to chapters

Hi all,

Not off to the best of starts it seems, as I’ve posted this same question in the body of a comment elsewhere, but I’ll try to correct that now.

Is there a way to link Research documents and data (in the research folder) to particular chapters? My habit is to gather everything I can see even tangentially related to my topic, which is one of the main reasons Scrivener is a boon for me. The problem is the obvious one of overloading 1 general folder.

Your guidance welcome


Er … as you’ll see, the title of the thread a couple from the top of the page says in capital letters:

“Please use the technical support forum for questions”

Probably good advice :smiley:

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Hello Martin

Thanks for resisting the temptation to sneer.

I’ll repost my point.


An interesting little video to show how people can miss things that are staring them in the face. It’s a phenomenon called inattentional blindness.

Cheers, Martin.

Hi Ian,

There are a number of ways to do this in Scrivener, and I’m still honing how I link research materials to working drafts. You can create links in the Inspector as well as in the document itself. Now, what method you choose that matches your working style best is another kettle of fish. I’d suggest searching the forum for ‘organize research,’ because this has probably been described elsewhere. You’ll find some wonderful ideas and help. I’d suggest you start with broad categories for research folders and refine your system or flow as you go along and find what’s natural to your way of working. Scrivener is very flexible and also can do quite complex things–so start in the shallow waters, imo.

If you haven’t done the tutorial that comes with Scrivener, I highly recommend that you do–it really is an excellent walk-through of Scrivener’s capabilities and perspective. I should run through it again myself.