Resize ALL quick reference windows?

If you open a quick reference window, it opens as a pretty small window. You can make it larger, and next time you open it scrivener will open it as that size. However, is there a way to tell scrivener that ALL quick reference windows should open as a bigger size window automatically? I.e. without having to manually adjust the size for each text doc when you first open it as quick reference? In settings I can adjust margin size, but not window size.

If this isn’t possible yet, it would be a helpful feature to have…

  1. Select a quick reference window and then select Window > Merge All Windows

  2. Resize as you want

  3. Drag tabs clear of each other to separate them or select a tab and then choose Window> Move Tab To New Window. Your chosen size will be remembered


Cool trick! That works. I never would have thought of doing it like that. Now if only the zoom level of the ‘master’ quick reference window would also be taken over by the other quick reference windows… :smiley:


The default quick-reference zoom takes on the level set for the main editor… … 97#p265597

Awesome, that works - thanks a lot, this is useful. :smiley: