Resizing window not possible -- want to revert

Using new Mac version 3.0 (bought) on Mac OS 10.13.1 and found out today that I can’t adjust the size of the main editor window. This is driving me nuts. It’s an inconvenient size and takes up well over half my laptop screen. I was going to ask what option I needed to change to allow me to adjust the size to my own needs, but found a topic that stated this is no longer possible.

Well…this is NOT fine. The reason given for the change (about the footer) does not apply to what I use Scriv for. If 3.0 will not let me adjust the size to suit my needs, then I want to go back to the earlier version. How do I revert to the last 2.x version & get a refund?

Are you trying to adjust the main editor window’s width?

That can be adjusted by putting your cursor on the edge and dragging it… It does seem to have a minimum size beyond which it can’t be reduced but that 's the only restriction I see.

You mention ‘found a topic that stated this is no longer possible’. Could you be more specific about what you want to reduce in the editor window?

Good luck.

If you have the project in Full Screen mode, then that’s the only way that I know of that won’t allow you to adjust the size of the main window.

If you’re trying to make the text area in the editor wider, then that’s adjustable in Scrivener’s preferences settings. The default is to have the editor width restricted to avoid having super-wide lines that are hard to track when reading.

Even with the fixed-width editor at a minimum or off entirely, the editor pane still has a set minimum width.

I think this is what the OP is referring to. Keith explains in this post:

Oh, for the want of a 30-day trial version.

Turn off the binder and the inspector, and the fixed width setting for the editor, and you can still get it reasonably compact.

Mind you, you’ll want to save a Layout for this because if you turn the binder or inspector back on, the window will grow to accommodate them and not automatically reshrink when you turn them off again.

Yep. And screen solution also impacts greatly on how much space is taken up by any program.

Another thought - depending what features are needed it might also be workable to open the current doc into a Quick Ref window and then minimize the main window.

This topic: Lower minimum-width for main editor?

When you first open Scriv & an existing document, I’ve got the document window & the binder. I don’t want to close the binder; I need to be able to jump back & forth easily between various scenes & parts of the document. When I pull the mouse cursor over any other window in Mac OS, the cursor changes to an arrow, and I can resize that window as small or as large as I want. With Scriv, it only allows me to enlarge the editor window. I cannot make the window smaller, as I could with Scriv 2 & with any other app windows. That topic I linked states that this was changed in 3 because of issues with the “footer” & can’t/won’t be changed back.

I use a Macbook laptop. Scriv’s editor takes up well-over half of the display. The footer is not a feature I use; I want to know how to revert to Scriv 2 & be refunded for 3.

You can download Scrivener 2 here:

To request a refund, send a copy of your receipt here:

I don’t have my laptop handy to check, but on my 27" iMac I was able to get the main Scrivener window down to 7.5" x 5", including the Binder and all the normal header and footer bars.


I use a MacBook, and can get two projects side-by-side, but only with the binders and inspectors hidden, of course, which isn’t what you want. That’s with the Macbook’s resolution at the next highest from the default, I think (which is what I use anyway, I didn’t just do it for Scrivener).

I’m not at the Macbook now, but it’s possible to use Full Screen to get something a little better. I’ll post about this later — may not interest you, but it may be useful for others looking at the thread.

Completely understand the goodwill reasoning behind this. Think it is also beyond the call, given that any user can trial the software for 30 days before buying.

Believe the OP is missing out on a lot of S3 benefits that far outweigh this issue with the screen width, and is locking themselves into using a dated app and, in time, a dated OS. Respect their choice, of course. Personally, I prefer the resizing and current-line highlighting options of S2, but those options can’t, IMO, compete with S3’s feature set and its 64-bit performance improvements.

This is a screen shot of my MacBook 12" with two Scrivener projects and their binders side by side.

It’s in split Full Screen mode – the key is to set up the two screens without the binder, then use cmd-opt-b to bring them back in (it’s not possible to create the split with the binder showing). I have my MacBook set up with the ‘More Space’ resolution in System Preferences > Displays.

Whether it’s of any use to the OP, I don’t know – but if the right hand split is of another program, then it will work well enough I think.

I think Ioa’s suggestion in that other thread is brilliant. So long as you can live with just one of the top-level folders being visible, you can split the editor, load the left (or top) with an outline view of the folder you’re working with, and set it to open selections in the other editor. Then hide the binder, and you have a very narrow, and customizable “binder substitute” If you’re just moving files around within one project, then you can load different sections of the binder into each of the two editor splits and drag between them. Optionally, you can even add copyholders that load selections from the outliners.

Thanks, Katherine. I might keep the 3.0 for my desktop mac anyway, since I’ve got a 27" iMac, too and the sizing isn’t an issue. But on the smaller Macbook, it IS an issue, and since I use my Macbook a lot, it’s a problem.

And Bridey – “dated OS”? I’m using the most recent version of the Mac OS, 10.13.1 High Sierra. If you’re referring to the Mac OS as a whole being “outdated”, then why are you in the Mac tech forum? I use Macs because I like them, and Scriv started as a Mac software. I also use the app version of Scriv on my iPad. I don’t care about Mac vs anything else.

As for the 30 day trial version, since I’m a long-term user of Scriv, I updated without using the trial out of trust from using Scriv for years now – I didn’t realize the changes would be eliminating things I liked & that an update would be an issue. Everyone else in this thread seems to like the new version, fine. I don’t. I had an issue, Katherine was kind enough to give me a response & an answer. The snippy comments from everyone else accomplish nothing.

Not addressed to you specifically, but to the forum at large and anyone who might come across this thread:

Take advantage of the trial.

I personally like Scrivener 3, but it is a big change with a significant learning curve. We would much rather people took the time to get comfortable with it before buying, than dove in, were overwhelmed, and felt stuck.

That’s especially true if you’re approaching an important milestone with a project that was built from the ground up in Scrivener 2.


You misunderstand and misjudge.

No, I’m not suggesting macOS is outdated (latest version is 10.13.2). Far from it. I am pointing out that High Sierra is the last version of macOS that will support 32-bit apps such as S2. So anyone who sticks with S2 will be tethering themselves to what will become an outdated OS. That’s an objective fact.

I don’t think anyone was snippy in their comments, other than you in your opening post. So many good people have taken time to try to offer ways of working which might suit you or anyone else reading this thread. You’re accusing people of doing things they haven’t done, and that’s both insulting and wrong. Of course, other people reading this thread will understand that the suggestions made by other contributors are not snippy, and they will realise that you have a delusional and distorted view of things, but that doesn’t mean you should be free to get away with denigrating other contributors and the advice they have freely given. There are contributors in this thread who have helped fellow writers for years, and then you come in and falsely accuse “everyone” of being snippy. I hope L&L see the inanity and unnecessary nature of your attack on other people and ban you. Their comments were designed to help and support. To enable S3 users to accomplish different goals. You might not understand that, but your ignorance doesn’t offer grounds for you to insult people.

You started this thread with your shouty and needy, self-aggrandising “NOT fine”, you called for a refund in a user forum rather than contacting the developer/seller direct, you didn’t use the free trial, you misunderstood about the OS completely (rather than simply asking for clarification, you started drivelling), and you think everyone is making snippy comments. Of course, you’re faultless. Everyone else is in the wrong all the time, even the developer for making a design change that you don’t like and which you were too self-righteous to test before buying…it’s clearly unthinkable that any developer would do anything with a major revision of their software that wouldn’t suit your needs, as your NOT-fine opinion is the only opinion in the world that matters.

You even asked how to revert to S2—was it too difficult to figure that out for yourself? Too difficult to search the forum, the L&L website, the internet, or contact tech support to get the answer?

L&L certainly kept S3 changes secret:

I haven’t read through the entire thread, so apologies if this was already mentioned: we did take on this and other feedback on the minimum window width and did some adjustment to 3.0.1 that greatly reduces the minimum—it’s now even far narrower than Scrivener 2 ever allowed:

[size=80]i minimum width with binder; (2) editor minimum alone.[/i][/size]