Resolve Sync Conflict from Within IOS

I did some writing on my computer this morning and tried to sync it to my iphone, but my iphone will not accept it. If I log into dropbox from the web UI I can see my work from this morning and also see that it thinks there is a conflict. However, I would like to force my iphone to accept the document from this morning on my Windows machine because it is the most up to date. IOS isn’t acknowledging that the conflicting files exist and is insisting it is up to date. Any way to fix this?

Probably the easiest way to fix this is within the Windows version of the project.

Make a backup, then close Scrivener. Temporarily disable Dropbox.

Using Windows Explorer, browse to the Files/Docs sub-folder within the project’s .scriv folder. Look for files with names like “conflicted copy of…” Drag them out to another location, such as the desktop.

Re-open the project in Scrivener. Make sure nothing has been damaged or lost. If necessary, use the Import command to re-integrate the ‘conflicted’ files.

Make another backup. Re-enable Dropbox, and allow it to sync. Check the web interface to make sure the ‘conflicted’ files are really gone.

Sync to the iOS device. All better?