[Resolved] Title of chapter in footer for compile

Hello !
In my binder, I have a structure like this :

  • Chap-01 - Introduction
  • Chap-02 - Results
    – January
    — France
    — Italy
    – Febrary
  • Chap-03 - Conclusion
    – The end
    – Annex
    Il would like to have the mane of the chapter (Chap-01 - Introduction, Chap-02 - Results & Chap-03 - Conclusion) in the footer of my compilated document.
    I have try to create a custom metadata, and compile one by one each chapter, but the custom metadata is not supported in the compilated document.
    How can I do this ?

I am not sure what you mean to use custom meta-data for. That is, like the label and status, a type of information that can be attached to each section of the Binder individually. The header and footer areas of the page do not have anything to do with the internal sections in Scrivener (by that point, the sections are all gone and it is just one long text file).

There is a special placeholder you can use in the header and footer fields that will print the name of the last section that generated a page break (most often a chapter): <$sectiontitle>.

It actually works! I do not understand why I have not used this marker!