RESOLVED: Tutorial Confusion re Keywords

For Scrivener in Windows 7.

Section 5e: Keywords of the Interactive Tutorial states:

Per the attached screenshot, IF I try to drag a keyword from the floating Keywords window to what I believe is the keywords table, THEN Windows displays the international NO sign of a slash contained in a circle.

For a start, it’s not entirely clear what the “keywords table” is. The point being that it may not be Scrivener itself but rather the ambiguously worded tutorial that’s the problem.

Along the way I also created a new keyword, Test Keyword, to see if that might help:

  • IF I create the new keyword in the floating Keywords window, THEN I cannot drag it into the Inspector’s list of keywords
  • IF I create a new keyword in the Inspector’s list of keywords, THEN that new keyword does appear in the floating Keywords window

I’ve found a couple of forum posts wherein the circumvention to tutorial problems is to delete one’s original tutorial instance and begin the tutorial anew. I’ve already tried that and it hasn’t changed the behavior: Scrivener does not permit me to drag keyword icons/entries from the floating Keywords window into the Inspector; a keyword created in the Inspector immediately appears in the floating Keywords window.

That said, and assuming per the screenshot that I’m correctly dragging a Keyword from the floating Keywords window to said keywords table, why ain’t it working?

Cheers & thanks,

You’re doing the right thing, but I think you might have run into a bug that was in the initial 1.6.1 release. We haven’t actually incremented the release number, but there is a fix on the server. If you download (from the web site, it won’t show up in the updater) and install it again, it should work as described.

And you are correct!

As of this morning (07 November, 2013), in, clicked Download for Windows and installed that instance of

The Keyword feature now works as described…

Cheer & thanks for your help,