Resource for creating and managing Endnotes?

I’ve read the manual and watched video tutorials, but I’m still struggling creating, maintaining and compiling endnotes in Scrivener. Can anyone point me to a good resource (even if it’s a book I have to purchase) with extensive explanations and examples of endnotes in Scrivener? Example areas where I need help:

  • How to number (and maintain the numbering) of endnotes in the easiest manner.
  • How to group and number endnotes by chapter (rather than one long list)
  • How to compile endnotes so they appear in the Endnotes section of my draft (they currently pop up on the Bibliography page for some reason)

FYI that I do not use Microsoft Word, so no references to that please.

Thank you!

I am puzzled by the question. If you use Scrivener’s footnote function, you don’t number them yourself at all. This is automated.

  1. Use Scrivener’s footnote function. You can use inline footnotes, if your footnotes are not so many and so long as to make this too obtrusive. Or you can use inspector footnotes. These two types of footnotes in Scrivener are named after where they appear in the Scrivener interface. They both compile as footnotes.

  2. If, for some reason, you are trying to roll your own and need to auto number some line items through your text, you should look at the Placeholder Tags List information under the Help menu. <$n> or better <$n:en> will compile as a number which increments with every instance in your compiled text.


Thank you for responding. I understand what you are saying, but let me elaborate a bit:

  • I want to organise endnotes by chapter, with the endnote numbering starting at 1 for each chapter. See example here: Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I compile my book, Scrivener produces a single, auto-numbered list of endnotes - not by chapter.

  • I plan to first publish my book in iBooks. For iBooks, the Scrivener manual recommends that each chapter be compiled separately. But when I do that, it results in an incomplete set of endnotes.

  • As mentioned in my first post, the Scrivener compile is putting my endnotes on the last page of my text, which is my Bibliography page. That’s not where I want them to appear. You will know that the endnotes section should precede the bibliography.

I am not asking you to answer all these questions (and others) for me. I’m just trying to find a good source that explains the intricacies of endnoting in Scrivener. It is possible, of course, that I am trying to do things that Scrivener just can’t do. But right now, I haven’t found a source that confirms what it and is not possible with endnoting in Scrivener.


Scrivener itself has no concept of pages, chapters or sections. Placement of ‘endnotes’ at the end of chapters or sections requires software that does have those concepts, i.e. a word processor like Nisus Writer Pro, or I presume, Word or OpenOffice or clones.

To achieve this in NWP, export to RTF, open that in NWP, put a section break before each chapter then set your notes to be displayed at the end of sections with appropriate numbering. The same must be possible with Word, etc. but I can’t help there as I don’t use them.


The process in Word would be essentially the same. You can also set the endnote of each section so that the number count starts over at one. Probably there is this provision also in OpenOffice etc.


Thank you for your responses. Much appreciated. I’m still a newbie with Scrivener, and from your responses I guess there is no comprehensive resource on endnoting. Oh well, back to trial and error!

Please don’t give up - what you’re trying to do is EXACTLY why I downloaded Scrivener in the first place, having found Word to be poke-your-eyes-out-with-a-spoon annoying and difficult to do it in!

If you have figured out what to do, please do share!