Resource hogging

I’ve noticed if I leave the beta app running for awhile that it starts draining the battery rather quickly and slows down my system. Anyone else notice this? Possible background process or memory leak?

Admittedly my laptop has good specs, but I see nothing untoward when I leave Scrivener running for 5-7 days (or more).

My current manuscript is still small with only a few images embedded, but I only see CPU usage of less than 1% and 68 MB of physical memory used by Scrivener.

So far it hasn’t been any scientific observation, just that with the program running my system would burn through battery a lot faster. I did notice the other day that my system was lagging really heavily while the program was open, though minimized. As soon as I closed it my system started running fine again.

From what I am seeing this morning though, when switching between chapters it appears that it loads the contents into RAM, but doesn’t release any previous content. Thus if I switch to one chapter I see a memory use increase, then if I switch to another, it bumps it up again. Switch back to the earlier chapter, it bumps it up again. I am working on editing a manuscript, so it is 22 chapters and about 60k words at the moment. It loads in at 100 MB of RAM usage, but climbs pretty quickly when going through the novel.

I noticed the memory usage had increased by 5MB since this morning, so I spent a few minutes flipping between scenes (i.e. files).
At the end of this, the memory had decreased by 0,5MB.

Not drawing any conclusions from this, just adding my observations.

Yeah, I noticed after maybe a half hour to an hour that it dropped from the 119 MB it was holding in RAM, to a bit under 50 MB. It still jumps up when I go between chapters, or even start editing one, but it isn’t as bad as when it first launches for some reason. I’ll be watching it throughout the day to see when/where it starts having the issues I noticed before.