Rest in Peace, Rich. … -life-dies

I doubt that there are many in the public eye, who’ll be missed as much as Richard Briers will be.
I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching him and Felicity Kendal, in The Good Life..

Bon voyage Rich, old mate.

Amen to your good wish, Vic.

And 'ere’s a good 'un:

Absolutely. The passing of a well-known and much loved figure. We too live in Chiswick and would often see him at the newsagents on the Turnham Green corner of Bedford Park. Sadly, the Newsagents went to the Great-Repository-of-Corner-Shops-in-the-Sky several years ago, but you could still encounter him round Chiswick. He will be missed by many in this corner of London.


Just saw this thread … so sad … reminds me that Spouse & I are sliding along in years.

“The Good LIfe” was re-titled “Good Neighbors” for BBC-America and carried on public tv here. Spouse and I spent many, many happy hours watching it, one of the more delightful “Brit-Coms” available in an otherwise rancid wasteland of US television.

One of my more titillating (pun intended) viewing moments was the brief exposure of feminine charms when Felicity Kendall romped across the bed in her low-necked nightie. :open_mouth:

We still catch reruns of the series here, along with other Brit-Coms of that era.