Restarting chapter numbers for box set

I have four books in one project. Normally I move the active project to the top of the binder, and leave the others outside of the manuscript folder. Now I want to put all of the books into a box set. I have been unable to get the chapters to restart so that each book has a chapter one. I understand I need to use the <$rst_t> but no matter where I put it, it accomplishes nothing. Can someone explain where it needs to be? After trying many different attempts, my current version is this:
I created a section type called Book and assigned it to each book folder. The next folder down is Chapter, and then Scene.
I then did Edit Format and added <$rst_t:chapter> to the Title Prefix for Book. I’ll try and add screen shots and would appreciate if anyone who has done this can help, as I can’t find anything that shows where to actually put the codes. I’ve compiled at least fifty times today and it is really, really getting old.

This is the result I get from the above settings.

The placement of the tag is fine; you just need to change it to <$rst_chapter>, without the “t:”. You use just one or the other, i.e. <$rst_t> is also valid, to restart auto-numbering in the form <$t>. Using the “chapter” keyword in place of the auto-numbering type will restart only the numbering (of any sort) tied to that keyword, so would work not only on <$t:chapter> but also <$n:chapter> and <$w:chapter>, etc.

Thank you!!!

But that’s a bug, isn’t it? Maybe I want to reset $t but not $n, for instance.

This isn’t a bug; the versatile nature allows the placeholder to be useful with the variety of different numbering options that may be used in section layouts. For instance, a compile preset may have options for using “CHAPTER ONE” (as <$w> or “Chapter One” (as <$t>) or “Chapter 1” (as <$n>). So long as all of these use the keyword “chapter”, then any one can be selected in conjunction with a Part layout that resets the chapter numbering based on the keyword, and the numbering stream will work as intended.

In that case, assuming you’re intending to restart only a specific $t numbering stream, you’d need to assign it a different keyword. Consider your keywords as a grouping that will follow a certain set of rules; if the streams aren’t meant to follow those same rules, separate them into distinct groups.

Yeah, I guessed that workaround already.

Thank you so much! It makes sense, but it isn’t clearly explained anywhere in the documentation (that I could find) for the Windows version.