Restarting the fire in my heart

I’m using this post as a reminder to myself and accountability with the community.

My name is Alex and I would dream of dragons and magic as a child, when told to write a story in school I was thrilled. I love stories because the words would fall off the page and I could experience the world of the story with my own senses. Unfortunately I found video games that offered to give me a story and visuals to go with it. I’ve always had the desire to write my own novel, but that fire dimmed over the years of playing video games. And my imagination suffered because of it.

Over the last two years I’ve had this persistent scratching in my mind for a story that wants to be told, and here I am today. I’ve decided to bring this story to life and see where this journey takes me.


Congratulations on recognizing the desire and deciding to take the next step forward! I think we all have many things we “want” to do or “like” to do but make no real consistent effort to do so. Best of luck to you!

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Yes. Good for you for recognizing it. Continuing to play the video games may prevent you from achieving your writing goals, however. (Though maybe not.) Lots of reading is key. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

Awww. Have you tried doing some “creative introspection” and ask yourself what was it about videogames that kept you busy, so to speak? Maybe there was something that inspired you, a spark about those videogames (anything at all), that made you play them for so long, or something like that? I think nothing ever goes completely to waste, especially if we consciously, actively “use” ALL of our experiences. See what I mean? The creative process, inspiration, art, our creative gifts, aptitudes, and inclinations are twisty, non-lineal, nuanced, and of a mixed nature, I believe. So maybe there is something for you to learn, instead of dismissing it as total procrastination? Aaaand, it also fits in nicely with the rest of the healthy (and useful, ja) process of further understanding and accepting ourselves. Our creativity is a part of ourselves, JUST AS MUCH as distractions and our less-than-ideal, less-than-productive parts are.


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