Restore an old version of my text

Hi there. Unfortunately, I have overwritten an old version of my text and cannot restore it, the “Undo” function does not go back that far. What can I do to restore the old version? Thank you and best regards.

Scrivener’s automatic backups can be found by going to Scrivener → Preferences → Backups, and opening the backup folder in Finder.

If you have a Time Machine volume, it should have older versions as well. Note that you should only use the Time Machine interface for this. (If you don’t have a Time Machine volume, get one.)

Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, under “Scrivener / Preferences” I cannot find a rubric with the name “Backup”, only settings that affect the interface. I use an ipad. Where else can I find the backups?

How did you manage to install macOS on an iPad? :thinking:

Sorry, my fault – it’s IPadOS.

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Unfortunately, iOS Scrivener does not make automatic backups. Is the device synchronized via Dropbox or another service?