Restore copying to HTML clipboard, via Copy Special

I’d like to request that the ability to copy to the HTML clipboard be restored in Scrivener via the Copy Special menu. It’s a capability that was removed in version for Windows.

I’m bumping up against this need immediately; to do some lightly formatted writing in Scrivener, then incorporating it into a Thunderbird email. “Copy as HTML” doesn’t do the job here, as it merely puts HTML markup content on the plain text clipboard. Sure, I can script it from there, but most users cannot.

We do all kinds of writing in Scrivener, a customized environment with easiest access to prior work. HTML is an extremely common standard; Scrivener should keep it natively available, even if set not to conflict with RTF clips.

Thanks for considering – Jerome

As a bit of an aside, I use Postbox, which is a Thunderbird fork, and I can insert snippets of HTML into the mail composer if I use the button for doing so. This lets you create complicated HTML-based messages easily. I don’t know if Thunderbird core has that button though; it should be on the format bar if it does:

Indeed, it turns out that Thunderbird does have a way to paste HTML text in from the plain text clipboard. It’s right on the “Insert” menu.

Thanks, Amber.