Restore original built-in template

I have cluttered up my plain vanilla new project template with a number of paragraph formats I don’t want in future projects. However, the list of these formats appears in every template now, including some I have never used.

I must have overwritten the built-in file somehow, but I don’t remember what I did, and all I can find in the manual is a suggestion that one can’t do that…

What I want to do is restore the plain vanilla empty template that came with Scrivener so that I can modify it with the few styles I want to hang on to, and save the cluttered one under a different name in case I ever want some of that back.

What am I missing?


These aren’t part of any template, but rather global to the software. You can use the Format/Formatting/ sub-menu to delete the presets you no longer need individually. If you wish to back them up however, you’ll want to save a settings file. Use the Scrivener/Reveal Support Folder in Finder menu command. In the Finder window that appears, locate the “Styles.plist” file. These are your formatting presets. Simply close Scrivener, and modify the name (for example, to “Styles-myProject.plist”) of this file. Scrivener will go back to using the defaults since it doesn’t know to look for anything other than “Styles.plist”, and if you ever want to use these again, you can shuffle the file names around so that this backed up copy is the one called “Styles.plist”.