Restricted access to folder

Just today, I reported first bug, and here is another.

(These two bugs are different).

Sometimes (I could not find the actual reasons) it is not possible to compile the project.

For example, my project located at C:\Users\John\Desktop\test.scriv

And I want to compile it to C:\Users\John\Desktop\test.html

The system gives me an error like this:

Something like this. I don’t remember the actual message.

Also, this folder, i.e. test.html, could not be deleted using Windows file manager. (“Access denied…”). But if I close Scrivener and then open it again, the problem disappears – i.e. the access is permitted, just as it should be.

Win7, last version of Scrivener

There are a couple of OS related things that can affect this and not be a Scrivener error. See my comment on your other “bug” report. As for the unable to create the compiled test.html file/folder on your desktop, is there already a file/folder of that name there? It might be related to your first “bug” in that you are trying to create the compiled file in the Scrivener folder. Or, you might not have permissions to create files/folders on your desktop (sounds strange, but managed desktop and user space is typical in business and academic circles). Not knowing how your computer is set up will hamper any help you might be able to get. Because of this, I would suggest sending the compiled output to your “My Documents” folder. You should have full creation type permissions there and it would be separate from your Scrivener project folder which you have on your desktop. Try that and see what happens.

Scrivener is actually working on the file/folder and thus has it locked. Once you have closed Scrivener, the lock is removed and you can do what you want with the file. FWIW, it almost sounds like Scrivener is running up against a file/folder creation issue and can’t proceed, which leaves a half open work-in-process file, which is probably related to the first part noted above.