Retain filename of imported media

is there anyway to retain the file names of movies, pdf’s etc etc?

that and would it be possible to drag out media/folder/sfiles from binder and carry over the name of them?

i think in a more collaborative environment that would be extremely helpful.

show package and browsing files there is great but without the same file names it’s harder to trace.


When you import, the file name is used as the default document title. Then just use File > Export Files to export selected files using the titles in the binder. You shouldn’t ever need to go into the project package.

When you import a PDF, the filename is retained, as you say.

But if you then open the imported PDF using View>Open>Open in External Editor, then filename is lost and replaced with a number.

I’m importing OCRd PDF documents via Acrobat complete with Acrobat annotations & comments.

It’s nice that you can open this way and save back into the warm bosom of Scrivener, but it would be handly to give the ‘imported’ PDF the original name, to avoid confusion and make it easy to salvage - if need be.


Not possible. All files stored inside Scrivener require an internal ID filename. That is just part of Scrivener’s file format. Open in External Editor is there for those who need to annotate PDFs etc that are contained in Scrivener so that it can be saved back into Scrivener without having to annotate a copy and replace the one in Scrivener. Export > Files is for getting things out with file names.

Not a problem.

Wrose things have happened at sea, etc…

One other thing, vaguely related;

When you drag a URL onto a Srivener editor, it retains its Title.
But when you drag the same URL it into the document Reference panel, it loses it the title - and become generic ‘URL’.

Is there a way of remembering the URL title?

It would be very handy. Especially when converting web archives links.

If you have multiple clipping from various sources, all collected in one page, its cool to have their associated links automatically given meanigful names.

Less house work!

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The Apple text system handles the URLs that are dragged into the text (i.e. it’s code written by Apple) whereas I handle the references drags. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they get the title information for the URL, otherwise I would do it.

I think they somehow reference the html?


<a href="http:l//">Page Title</a>


Page Title is actually the html so when you Copy the Link “Page Title” the html tag is Page Title but the Href is the actual url link?

Its more likely that they would extract it out of the header of the html page being linked to:

Keith would have to download the linked file, open it and then extract the data found between and tags.

This is the text that gets displayed in the title bar of the browser.

I’m still in the testing phase of Scrivener (like it so far) and stumbled upon the same generic URL issue. No idea if anything changed from within the last year but it would be nice to get somehow the title into the reference section (or at least force the cursor into the description field).

BTW: That’s my first forum post here and I just don’t understand why certain forum software has to send me my password in clear text via email. Now it’s not a password anymore…

If you download a web page using File > Import > Web Page, the URL gets imported and can be seen (and clicked on) at the bottom of the editor. But unfortunately because no title gets placed on the pasteboard, it is simply not possible for the reference to know the title - this is just the way URLs get placed on the pasteboard, I’m afraid, and I have no control over that as it’s built into OS X.

Glad you’re liking Scrivener so far.
All the best,

Another BTW: You know why I really liked your product? It’s Optima. I never used it before so far, but now it’s the best “draft” font for me and really helps me focusing on my thoughts. Thank you for introducing me to Optima!