Retain GIF format in ebook compile, stop convert to PNG

Please can we have a Compile option to keep GIFs as they are, and not to automatically convert to PNG format when compiling to eBooks (or html).
The reason: Kindlegen does not support transparent PNGs, so any GIFs lose their transparency (causing big white areas on the black or sepia Kindle display options).

Transparent areas in an image are very useful when placed either side of a small image that we want to keep small.
So, can we stop Scrivener converting the GIFs to PNGs?

Thanks for a wonderful program.
Capture of transparent Gif problem black.GIF

Capture of transparent Gif problem sepia.GIF

Most useful would be the option to leave image file formats as they are on insert/compile. That way we can also use jpgs which are accepted by Kindlegen.