Retain Indent on COPY

Hey, there, I did a quick search and didn’t find anything. Apologies if this is somewhere I couldn’t find!

I see the section on pasting into Scrivener using shift to retain style and formatting, but is there a way to retain tabs and formatting on things copied from Scrivener and pasted elsewhere?

I’ve been backing up my daily writings onto a google doc so I can always have access to it, even when I’m not using my main computer with Scrivener on it… but when I paste, all the indents on the beginnings of my paragraphs are gone, making it look like a giant wall o’ text.

Word seems to be so-so, retaining the indents themselves, but futzing with the actual spacing of the lines (it looks like it’s 1.5 point space at the beginning and suddenly 1 pt at the end for no reason).

Any help would be appreciated! Love Scrivener! So happy I decided to try it this go around!

Hi Lauren,

Unfortunately this depends on the receiving application. When you copy from Scrivener, Scrivener places the text on the pasteboard in RTF and RTFD format. It’s then up to the program you paste into to take that data and interpret it properly. There’s nothing wrong with the RTF on the pasteboard, so it sounds as though GoogleDocs just isn’t doing a good job of reading it. As for Word, I’ve never had a problem pasting into Word, so that’s odd - it might just be that the text looks a little different there because of the different text engines?

All the best,

Well, thank you.

At least I know there’s not something I’m doing wrong. Maybe GoogleDocs will update the way they accept pastes someday.

Thanks again!