Retrieving backup from Dropbox

Hi. I need to get a backup out of Dropbox. Scriv’s user manual talks about copying a backup file that’s on the C drive onto my desktop, but that doesn’t help with Dropbox. I can’t seem to copy a file from Dropbox anywhere but to another Dropbox location, and it won’t let me drag-n-drop the zip file to my desktop.

It’s NOT the most recent backup that I need, it’s an older version.

Help please?

Is it a deleted file? In your dropbox home page, on the website click “show deleted files.” It’ll show you everything you’ve deleted. Other than that, the event tab at the left shows when changes happened, but I’m not entirely certain if it gives the kind of revision control you’re looking for.

If you’d like to download a file from Dropbox to your desktop, right click on the file, select download, and there you go. Make sure you don’t overwrite the file on your desktop. (Rename it or save it to a different folder entirely.)

Make sure you upload/download the entire Scrivener folder, not just the *.scrivx file. It’s a source of confusion for people who’ve used the mac version of Scrivener. In the mac version, it’s a file. In the windows version, a Scrivener project is a file.

What version of Windows are you using? For me in Win 7 with Dropbox, I can drag files and folders out of the Dropbox folder without any hassle. This is because it is literally just files and folders on your C drive, there is nothing different about that location than any other folder like My Documents—save for the fact that the Dropbox software itself monitors that location and keeps it up to date with the server. It should be impossible to inhibit Explorer functions for these files, but maybe the newer versions do so?

I’ve got Windows 7. Maybe it’s just .bak files that can’t be dragged and dropped? Maybe it’s just me?

The folder containing the particular backup I need has like a dozen other backups, different versions. If I download the whole folder, won’t I get all those versions? I only need one .bak file. And where would I download it to, since it’s a file do I have to unzip it before Scriv can use it?

Wish I was a computer geek. sigh

Are you looking at your Dropbox folders on the website, or in your file browser? Drag and drop would only be possible with the latter, and you wouldn’t need to “download” anything in that case, so there may just be some confusion about where you’re looking.

If you’re on the website, as garpu said you can right-click on the specific file you want and download it. You shouldn’t need to download any other files or folders with it. You can save it to your Downloads folder, then open the Downloads and either right-click the file and choose “Extract All” and save it to where you really want the project (e.g. your Documents folder) or double-click the folder and then drag out the .scriv folder to another location. You can then open the project in Scrivener as normal.

If you’re looking at your Dropbox folder inside your Windows file browser, try just right-clicking the file there and choosing the “Extract All” option and extracting to wherever you want to save the project. You shouldn’t really need to drag and drop at all to get a useable copy of the project saved where you want it.