Return to Binder, shortcut unknown!

I do a search and the results are displayed in the binder. Is there a keyboard shortcut to remove the search result and return to The Binder? I checked the shortcut pdf and couldn’t find any, so I had to make a cross-country trip to the search field and click on the “X” to get what I want. Please tell me there’s a shortcut to do this lurking somewhere.

I think you want Reveal in Binder, Ctrl+Shift+8.
Toggle Collections, Ctrl+Shift+9, and Toggle Binder, Ctrl+Shift+B, may also be useful.

Thank you almansur, Ctrl-Shift 8 worked for me. Already tried Cntrl-Shift B, and all it does is collapse the binder and enlarges the editor which contains the text of one of the search results. Appreciate your help. May you always be victorious! :wink: