Returning to cursor position not working

When I move from one folder or file to another, and then go back, I find that the file I was working in appears in the edit window at a random scrolling position, usually near the beginning of the text. Clicking in the text merely fixes the cursor wherever I click.

Did I change a setting by mistake that makes this happen?

I want the behavior I saw in the tutorial, where it returns to the scrolling position I was at, and even the highlighting is kept. I’m not getting this behavior now. (And it was working fine in the tutorial.)

Are you by any chance switching between Mac and PC platforms to edit the file? This causes a known conflict in the last saved cursor position. Otherwise, try pasting a few pages of text into a new blank project in two files and switch between them. Does it work there?

Any chance we could get a check box or option to choose between using compile settings and just “everything in the manuscript folder regardless”? It seems like it might clear up some of the confusion people seem to have with the feature, and for people like me, who want to have a total word count but often compile small pieces of my document at a time to work with on my iPad, it would save a lot of mild heart attacks when opening statistics, and a lot of time having to go back and recheck a lot of boxes that I then have to uncheck again later.

Is this meant to be in response to another thread? :slight_smile:

We do have plans to add a checkbox that disables the compile group option. So if you select a single piece of the manuscript to compile out for external work or to have proofed, it wouldn’t impact the total count. There won’t be an option to disable whether the fundamental features that generate content have any bearing on the total though, because there wouldn’t be any good way to determine what “normal” is. So if you switch to outline style compile it will still drop your stats. There is just no good way around that.

…yes, yes it was… idek how that happened. xD Apologies to the OP for accidentally jumping their thread.

Wouldn’t the manuscript/draft folder work as a discrete variable for the word count total? Just a total count for all documents inside it would probably work for the majority of people, based off some of the queries about vanishing wordcounts I’ve seen around. Though, I suppose once Windows gets folder/segment targets/whatever-the-feature-is-actually-called, that will pretty much do the same thing, provided it works at the top level?

Yeah, the total target thing is mostly just an outliner column that adds up everything below it, so it works for everything except the draft—which is okay since the draft has its own target interface with the project goals window.

Most of the vanishing word count things I see tend to revolve around accidentally writing or moving stuff outside of the draft folder.

No, I’m strictly working the PC platform these days.


I know I saw a reply in here that now appears to be gone. It was from someone either at L&L or a very-knowledgeable regular.

The reply asked if I had copied things into a new project to see if the cursor return was working. I haven’t tried that because I’m short on time, but I did notice the problem is not present in text I create new from new folders. The problem persists only in text imported (via conversion of Word files into rtf files prior to import) into the current project.

So it’s not a resolved issue, but it’s also not a show-stopper. I’ll play with it more when I have time.

(EDITs for clarity)

Hmm, okay that’s interesting. What you could try then is taking a snapshot to save the current data, and then cutting all of the text out. View another file and then come back, to ensure the data file gets wiped, then use the Edit/Paste and Match Style command. This will be as though you passed the text through Notepad, all formatting stripped, but it will also rinse out any formatting gremlins. You can use the snapshot as a reference to restore any formatting if need be.