reveal in current collection

I often do keyword searches to locate documents which are in a collection I am working on, but when I say reveal in binder it takes me back to the document in the binder, rather than highlight that document in the current collection I am working on, which of course what reveal in binder is request

but it would be great if there was a reveal in current collection command along with reveal in binder

I hope that makes sense

Rather than add an additional option, seems like the thing to consider is altering the behavior of Reveal in Binder so that it does not “break” the current state of the Binder area. Possibly this function has simply not been revisited since Collections were introduced, because it is certainly not clear (at first blush) why Reveal in Binder should always take you out of your search results mode.

Sometimes it must reveal something that is not in your current collection (because you can have a document open in the editor view that is not in the current collection), in which case the behavior is understandable, but otherwise it would seem desirable that it not take you out of your current binder mode.


There are a couple of new capabilities coming in the next major upgrade that should address this. We did add a new “reveal” command, but it’s more universal than specifically targeting collections. In addition there will also be a passive indicator in the sidebar that should handle the problem of finding where you are in the list.