Reverse scene creator

A useful feature - if there is not already a way of doing this - would be to take a document and turn that into a folder with a full set of ‘scenes’ made from the separate paragraphs in the original.

I currently have an ideas/ synopsis doc with 27 sections, and can see how it would be ideal to have that broken into scenes, so that I can edit/ compile/ move so that I can develop the best order for events.

I am having to copy/ paste every section into new separate scenes in a new folder.

So a feature that automates this would be wonderful, especially as I have a document of nearly 30 pages with the same structure for the whole series of books!

You can use the File > Import > Import and Split… tool to do this, using a carriage return as the separator to determine where your imported document is split. Simply create a new folder in your project to be the container, then with that folder selected, choose the Import and Split command.

You can also quickly place a selection of documents into a new folder by selecting them in the binder and using Documents > Group (Opt-Cmd-G).

Thanks MM, will give that a try.

You can also use the “Documents->Split” commands to separate one scrivener document into two where your cursor is positioned. The keyboard shortcuts for splitting are listed right next to the menu options (CMD-K for Macs). Just jumping from one paragraph to the next (OPT-down arrow) and splitting would be pretty efficient.

If you do this a lot, you could reassign the split command’s keyboard shortcut so that it uses the OPT key instead of CMD, so that you just have to hold OPT down and alternate between down-arrow and ‘k’.

Appreciate that Robert, I’ll experiment.