Revising in iOS

Does anyone have a good method for revising on iOS? I did most of my 1st draft while writing on my iPad, but now that I’m revising, I find changing the font to red every time I edit very time consuming. I love how on the Mac there’s the revision mode, and I wish there was something similar on the iOS version. Mostly because I like iOS and iPadOS better these days.

Anyway, just looking for a tip on your revision methods if you use iOS or iPadOS.

Basically, if I’m going to use revision colours, I do it on Mac.

There’s a problem on iOS in that text colours assigned in iOS won’t necessarily match those assigned on Mac. So if you go back to Mac and try to remove revision colour, the revision tools won’t find it. (This same problem makes it impossible to distinguish among inline annotations by colour – the tiny colour shifts from the round-trip to iOS mean that not all the annotations will be found if I specify colour.)

This is one of the many reasons that I stopped using iOS Scrivener except as a quick way to add an inspiration that hits me in the Costco line :smiley:. Sorry – I know it’s not the answer you’re looking for.

I had seen your post about it in another thread, but was hoping there had been another way. Maybe when they get back to the iOS app they can try to tackle this mode. I wish I could help the team out, but I don’t have any idea how to code.

While I was once a coder, I retired when I decided that I didn’t want to learn any more #^**^% programming languages. So I can’t help either—I’m about 15 years out of date.