Revision mode can't be switched off.

The revision mode is one of the main reasons why I decided to download the beta. However, now that I have successfully “color-coded” my script, I can’t seem to exit revision mode. Even when I click “None” under the revisions submenu, the text remains colored.

Hi iqleisner,

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I’m not 100% clear on your issue.

Are you saying that, even when you have Revision Mode disabled (Format > Revision Mode > None), when you type new text the color is still in a Revision Mode color? That would indeed be a bug. If so, you might want to PM a mod and request them to move this post to the Beta forum, so the devs see it.

Or are you saying that you expect Revision Mode color changes to toggle from Revision Mode to ‘normal’ color by disabling revision mode? If so, that’s not how Revision Mode works. As currently implemented, it’s just a simple way to color code text revisions, nothing more sophisticated than that. When you’re done with your revisions, you can permanently remove the color coding, but you can’t toggle revision color on / revision color off. See the user manual, section 18.6 Marking Revisions, for a detailed explanation.


Hey, Jim!

Thank you for your swift reply. It seems like I had the wrong expectations about Revision Mode, then.

So just help me clarify this, to be sure it’s indeed not a bug:

Say I wrote the following:

“Roses are red, violets are blue.”

Then I highlight that text and mark it as, for instance, first revision (red). The text color then changes from black to red.

When I go to the revisions menu and click “None”, my “Roses are red, violets are blue” passage remains red. That’s what’s bugging me. I thought it was supposed to go back to black (Amy Winehouse reference not intended).

You’re saying it’s not supposed to go back to black? What’s the point in disabling revision mode, then? :frowning:

Anyway, thank you once again for the help! :wink:

Oh, I realize that was a silly question. Of course, you turn if off so you can go back to writing in the default color.

I just wish there was a box that said “See revisions”, so I could uncheck it and not have to deal with a multicolored text all the time.

But I’ll use it as it is, then. Thanks again :smiley:

As mentioned, the user manual, section 18.6 Marking Revisions, explains this, and far better than I will, but Revision Mode is just a method for assigning a specific color to a specific revision.

I guess you’d write your first draft. Then turn on First Revision and make an editing pass. Once you’re happy with the changes, you’d remove the revision color.

Another scenario, perhaps, is if you want to consider alternative approaches to text. So you’d write a sentence in First Revision color, and write the alternate sentence in Second Revision color.

But I’m just guessing, because I haven’t incorporated Revision Mode into my workflow.

Some people may find this useful. I haven’t yet, but who knows. Maybe someone who’s actually using it will come along and enlighten us. :slight_smile:


I use it all the time, working with my collaborator on translations from Chinese to English. She makes the first translation, I then revise it with revision mode switched on. That way she can easily see the changes I have made without my having to use even more comments to point them out; I only need to use a comment to explain why I have made a particular major change if it’s a matter of English grammar, etc. or to ask her to explain something.

Oh, and I try my absolute best to snapshot any document before I start revising it, so we can revert if she doesn’t agree with my rewording.