Revision Mode in 2.0

How do I use Revision Mode? (Format --> Revision Mode)

I found where to customize colors in Preferences (Appearance), but after that, I don’t know how to make use of it. It’s not Meta-Data…or is it? Am I missing something?

Be great to use it as an Outline column, or index card color (right now, I customized one of the Meta-Data fields for First, Second, Third Revision, etc)

Thanks for any help, Richard

UPDATE: Just read the manual, which states that you select your text (or your document?) and then the Revision mode…but I don’t know where it reflects my change from Revision 1 to 2 to 3, except when I go to this menu. I am sure I am missing something…

You select the text. It’s a text-level tool not a document level tool. I’d use other meta-data and techniques like keywords and snapshots for document level revision marking. The revision markers are very simple: they automatically colour whatever text you type, paste, or mark to a formal colour setting. Try typing a bit with one of these turned on to see how it works. There is no meta-data in the text—it is just colour—but because it uses a formal system, the Find by Formatting tool Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-F will allow you to jump from edit to edit throughout the project based on a revision level.

Thanks ! This will work fine. Richard